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Monday, September 16, 2013


There are a ton of things I could write about today. So much to share about what we're up to and how the kids are doing. Maybe later this week...maybe.

My heart today, is in Ethiopia. Last week the country celebrated the Ethiopian New Year! Our baby boy started the year 2005 as an orphan but ended it with a waiting family. Doesn't that bring joy to your heart? What a great God we have, who sets the lonely in families! Our prayer is that Biya rang in 2006 knowing that he has a family waiting and will end 2006 in our arms!

We're also celebrating the long awaited USCIS approval to adopt an orphan. Finally! We danced and sang and praised God when that letter finally arrived. What a relief! Now we're sending all of the paperwork we've gathered over the last year to our agency in TN. They'll review it and send it to Ethiopia. There it will be translated and submitted for approval by the Ethiopian government. After they approve us to adopt we'll receive a court date and travel overseas! We've still got about 5 months or longer before that happens though. In the mean time, we'll begin fundraising for the remaining $10,000 in fees. Please pray for God's provision!

Now on to the good stuff...SO exciting!!!

Today I want to finally introduce y'all to our 3rd child. I've wanted to do this for so long but didn't want to break any rules. I started seeing others in the same phase of the process introduce their children in this way and have decided that it's time for all of you to meet the little boy you've been praying for. It's just so exciting!

Carey and I, along with big sis and big brother, proudly introduce our sweet Biya!!!

Isn't this just the most adorable little guy you've never met??? I mean seriously, don't you want to scoop him up and squeeze him to pieces? It kills me, folks. Just kills me. I could gush over him all day. I really could. But I won't because now that you can see his precious little curls and fingers and toes, you can gush for yourself. Please do, gush and pray to bring this sweet baby boy home!

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